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Acute aortic dissection — the great mimicker: how can we improve patient outcomes?

01 Jun 2017 86 Comments

Acute aortic dissection is one of a number of conditions in medicine that carries the moniker of "the great mimicker". But there is no doubt that it is the one with the highest jeopardy. Acute aortic dissection (AAD) has a very high mortality, even with surgical intervention, and the time...

Too many normal coronaries in the cath lab

02 Mar 2017 91 Comments

What's your cath lab's normal/non-actionable coronaries rate?  I don't know what ours is, so we've sent a registrar to gather some of our data to discuss in the department. Are you like me, disappointed when you see an out-patient whose invasive angio finds minimal CAD, where even a pressure wire doesn't seem justified?  It...