Tag: Cardiology

Should telling patients they can no longer drive be straightforward?

05 Oct 2017 910 Comments

I find one of the more difficult conversations with patients about their cardiac disease is when we have to advise them to stop driving. This enforced change in lifestyle markedly affects everyone, especially the elderly. In my practice in a rural city, the impact is that bit greater as there...

Acute aortic dissection — the great mimicker: how can we improve patient outcomes?

01 Jun 2017 86 Comments

Acute aortic dissection is one of a number of conditions in medicine that carries the moniker of "the great mimicker". But there is no doubt that it is the one with the highest jeopardy. Acute aortic dissection (AAD) has a very high mortality, even with surgical intervention, and the time...

Commotio Cordis: post Olympics reflections

06 Oct 2016 355 Comments

“Why do the Taekwondo players have protective gear and the boxers don’t?”, said my daughter watching the Olympics. One of those great “why?” questions that parents hope to answer with authority, but for which they often fall short of knowing the exact answer. Let’s keep it heart-related I thought: “Well,...