Heart Murmurs

Anomalous coursing LCA: always go into the valley of death?

“Which way round do you think it goes, anterior or posterior to the aorta?”, said the interventional fellow. My staff replied: “Well, you could do more views whilst I consult the textbook…then you could do more views with a PA catheter in-situ…then take a few more views….but really you need to stop, and request a

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: more stress, or better detection?

“The 401 highway running through the centre of Toronto is said to be the busiest road in the world,” said my wife reading from our Canadian travel guide that we bought to prepare us for our time in Canada for my interventional fellowship. Not long off the plane, and driving ‘on the wrong side of

Commotio Cordis: post Olympics reflections

“Why do the Taekwondo players have protective gear and the boxers don’t?”, said my daughter watching the Olympics. One of those great “why?” questions that parents hope to answer with authority, but for which they often fall short of knowing the exact answer. Let’s keep it heart-related I thought: “Well, if you hit someone perfectly

Are you maintaining your skeletal integrity at work?

“I needed a seat, my sciatica is really bad today,” said my EP colleague as I walked into his office at lunchtime, “it’s bad enough being sore with tingling down my leg, and then I get eyelid scissors that don’t cut…I never get sharp bloody scissors anymore!!” There are many challenges being a cardiac interventionalist,